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We created this site for 100% free Lightroom Presets that will convert your images into masterpieces of photography! The only little piece you´ll need for our free Lightroom Presets is Adobe Lightroom 5, 6 or CC! It does not matter wether your images are taken in JPEG or RAW our free presets will work for both of those formats fine!

All of our free Lightroom Presets which you can download here on our platform are designed by professional photographers and tested on hundreds of images. We are sure that our Lightroom Presets will convert your images into real masterpieces! Adobe Lightroom Presets will save you a huge amount of time, when it comes to editing your photos. This free Lightroom presets will redefine the style of your images with just one click.

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Our vision?

We were not able to find really good presets for Adobe Lightroom in the past. Either those preset websites were full of unnecessary content, advertising or other stuff we did not wanted or they could not provide good lightroom presets.

So we decided to start our own free Lightroom Preset page in 2017!

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We wish you the best success in editing your photos with Adobe Lightroom.

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